curtain made from teatowels

Who would have thought that a curtain made from tea towels would look this good…
(image by Polly Wreford via Remodelista)

4 Responses to curtain made from teatowels

  1. The aestethics on this website are great…pure and clean, simple and fresh. Bring more!

  2. This is beautiful! I’ll be linking to this!

  3. Wonderful – think, women have historically always worked in textiles. Few of them have been recognized artists. My mother who is 75 years picked flax, struck the flax and then she ha to spin the flax and wove it. Then she sewed a folk-costume of this. Today this process feels like it’s the 1800s.

    My mother has made many towels so a curtain would be a tribute to all those women and mothers who despaired hard.

    If I find my sewing machine…

  4. Lovely. Our kitcen needs courtain and this is a great one. I must find some nice towels now. And that is a mission in our country. We have the ugliest towels around.

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