ideas for creating a rustic style

In addition to yesterday’s post about rustic kitchens & dining areas this post gives you some ideas how to create a rustic atmosphere in your kitchen. For accessories try to find simple but well made every day objects. Baileys for example has a gorgeous collection! The owners of this shop also have writte two great books: Restoration Home and Recycled Home. In these books the Baileys share their passion for the simple and well-made things in life. The look they love is stripped back, focusing on the integrity of the materials.

In stores where they sell old building materials (for example J. van IJken in The Netherlands) you can find old butlers sinks and tabs. The sink in the picture above is from Lassco in the UK.

Materials such as (reclaimed) wood and galvanized steel can give a rustic feel to a home. Some ideas, starting at the left: French chair Tolix which is a classic, old fashion bin KNODD from IKEA, hand carved rustic wooden stool, Tolix stool, galvanized pedal bin from IKEA.

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