a holiday home in bretagne

When building this holiday home in Bretagne, France, the owners had a couple of demands. The house should cost as less as possible and the boundaries between interior and exterior should be limited.
Only industrial materials have been used for constructing the house. I don’t know what the total amount spent is, but I think the owners have succeeded in keeping the costs low.
The industrial feel is softened by the splashes of turquoise throughout the house.
(images from Marie Claire Maison)

7 Responses to a holiday home in bretagne

  1. i LOVE that sofa on the first photo.

  2. Turquoise is one of my favourites colours, industrial feel is my style, so I love this house!

  3. There are two things that I don´t like about this house: those kind of galvanized metal sliding doors and the roof made of that industrial material we see above the kitchen.
    But this house is full of light and that turquoise color is great!

  4. The sofa is amazing!

  5. i love the way the architecture interacts with the outdoors. great photos!

  6. I love all the woven furniture. I wonder where you can find that kind of thing?

  7. i really love the industrial feel… but they have effectively softened it with their choice of colour and texture…

    great find as usual!!


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