open plan kitchens

Judging from your comments on my post about kitchens I am not the only one in search for the perfect kitchen. For all of you another kitchen inspiration post in which I have focused on open plan kitchens. The muted colours of the kitchen in the image above are combined with warm wood. The Avery dining chairs are by Russell Pinch for SCP and The Cross dining table is by Matthew Hilton for Case.

We still haven’t decided on which chairs we will get for our dining table. We probably will get the Eames DAR armchair or the DSR side chair. I also love the Eames DSW chairs in the image above. The Blackwell table was designed by Russell Pinch for SCP.

I love the large doors that bring light into this house (image above). The dividing walls define the space without chopping it up, while the white floor creates continuity between the kitchen and the dining room.

Satin-black lacquered cabinets from Manor Kitchens are combined with a granite island bench (image above). These, together with the grey limestone floors, give this kitchen a modern and clean feel. The bright rug brings in some color.

(images from Living Etc)

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  • My actual kitchen is open plan and the same will be my next.
    I have not decided nothing yet, some days I think of a neutral kitchen but others I dream of a red kitchen.

  • We are going for the DSR (4 pieces) and probably two DAR chairs. I actually don’t like the DAR chairs that much and would love to have 6 DSR chairs (but my boyfriend doesn’t;-)). I think it just looks amazing to have 6 DSR chairs around the table! Did you see the DSW chairs in the Bijenkorf? They sell them too but the prices are twice as higher than I can find on the internet.

  • I want know dinning table in the second third and forth picture.
    I’d really love to get dinning table.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you.