photo wall

I received some questions from readers about the photo wall in my hallway. As it is not always possible to get white frames and to avoid different shades of white, I bought simple, inexpensive frames (from for example IKEA) in different sizes which I painted white.

From every trip we make I select a couple photos that make it to our wall. There are a lot of great memories on this wall!

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  • hi there! can I ask a question about wall decor? I receveid a wonderful modular frame (you can find here, but mine are white… I’m not sure what to do with them because they are very big… and all that white in my white wall… I don’t know can you suggest something? Maybe some little drawing on the frame angle? thanks a lot, luisella

    Ps. I’m a italian reader, I apologize for my bad english, thanks again.

  • Hi Luisella,

    My frames are white too (on a white wall). I actually like this. This way the picture will pop out and all the attention is drawn to the photo. Try using colourful photos and prints!
    I hope this information helps a little bit!


  • Danielle-what kind of paint did you use? did you use primer too? how many applications? thanks so much!

  • Hello Jean, I have used normal white paint and no primer. If the original color of the frames are dark perhaps you should use a primer or two layers of white paint. I hope this info helps!