clorinde mery’s eclectic home

Another gorgeous house! The owner is Clorinde Méry who is a French artist and stylist. Clorinde’s home is very personal, decorated with items that she brought back from far away places. While travel, she always search for inspiration, ideas and new objects to take home. The antique tray for instance was brought back from Moroccan (similar trays are available at Le Souk). I love the text on the wall! It is a phrase from a book and it gives a personal touch to a living room (or any other room).

The lovely kitchen is white with a bit of light pink here and there as a contrast colour. Through the house you can see different influences but they are mixed together very well.

(images from marie claire france)

3 Responses to clorinde mery’s eclectic home

  1. I love it all! The text on the wall is a fantastic idea.

  2. The text on the wall is indeed fantastic. I wonder how hard it is to decide on a quote though!

  3. I recently discovered your blog and i just want to say it’s just brill and stunningly beatiful.
    I’m addcited.
    You have a wonderfull style and your choices are always mint!

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