prefab swedisch summerhouse

Although summer is still far away, I would like to show you this summerhouse from Swedish company Grasshopper.

The (prefab) design is simple but stylish. I especially love the large glass doors and windows. Grasshopper’s website is in Swedish but if you want more information you can also send an email to

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  1. I adore the design. For a summer house, you want something that would be easy to take care. The only thing is missing is a second bedroom for when you have friends over.

    The snow is falling right now so looking at the pictures, warm me up – the electricity company was doing repairs. The heat has just come back.

  2. Wow, I wish I had windows in my bedroom like that. Not to mention a view like that. Windows like that in my Boston apartment probably wouldn’t be a very good idea! I love that house…

  3. This is so bright, airy and beautiful. A real part of the natural landscape.

  4. I really love this house. However I would put it right in the middle of a forest, rather than in the open field.

  5. They are very beautiful.. Really 🙂 thanks

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  7. many?

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