rabbit lamp by moooi

The fun Rabbit lamp is one of a three piece collection of animal furniture designed by Swedish design collective Front for Dutch design label Moooi. The collection also includes a life-sized horse lamp and a pig table. It has a detail of fur, fountains a reflection of the light down to the base creating an impression of warm dense fur.
The description given at Moooi’s website says ‘Furniture to fall in love with at first sight or hate forever’. What do you think?!

Available from POAA for €319.

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  • I really like the Style Files. Here I am on a Sunday morning, enjoying my coffee and my favorite websites, and I come upon this item about the Moooi Rabbit Lamp. Rage may be too strong a word, but what’s the feeling when utter stupidity ruins tranquility?

    Q: What’s the identifying feature of a rabbit?

    A: Long ears.

    Q: Where are the rabbit’s long ears on this lamp?

    A. Under the lampshade.

    Q: Therefore, what do you see when you look at this lamp?

    A: An undistinguished anonymous animal that looks like it’s a cheap, cast plastic gee-gaw painted black, peeking out from under a lampshade.

    I suppose that if one lay on one’s back and peered up under the shade, one might get a nano-second’s glimpse at the ears before being blinded by the lightbulb.