hybrid cutlery by maarten van severen

Early this year I wrote about the stunning work of Vincent van Duysen for When Objects Work. This Belgian company produces and distributes exclusive objects designed by leading designers and architects whose work shares a preoccupation with simple forms, immaculate function and a timeless idiom. The late Maarten van Severen is one of those leading designers/architects that has created some gorgeous pieces for When Objects Work.

Van Severen was known for his minimalistic designs, continually reducing size, weight and form and doing away with all contingencies, until the naked object is revealed. “My life is a giant garbage pile” Maarten said, “Sometimes l think that l only design to do a clean-up”. In the case of the Hybrid Cutlery, this has lead to a most remarkable result. The design is simply stunning! Visit the When Objects Work website for more information and to see other work from their beautiful collection.

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  • I fell in love with the Hybrid Cutlery too, but I checked with Moss earlier this year and they’re selling the set for $1200. (That’s $400 for a spoon, $400 for the knife, and $400 for the fork).