sms receiving mirror

The +336+, designed by Robert Stadler of the French design group Radi Designers, is a mirror that is able to receive SMS messages sent from a mobile phone. The messages appear as luminous text, running on the mirrors’ surface when one gets close to the mirror. This clever piece of design is not affordable for most of us: this limited edition (of 20) costs $10,000! If this price tag is not a problem, you can purchase the mirror at Generate.

4 Responses to sms receiving mirror

  1. That reminds me of this mirror:

    …which is a bit more complicated.

  2. they have the mirror at a club here in toronto. pretty cool. a lot of ppl use it to text their friends. really ahndy when you have peekamo.

  3. That McLeod mirror is pretty cool, thanks for the link Anne!

    The sms-mirror is great for a club. I bet it is very popular.

  4. Really like this mirror,although if you have an over active twitting community, this could be too much đŸ˜‰

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