swan chair by arne jacobsen

swan chairs
I LOVE the gorgeous Swan Chair designed by Arne Jacobsen. The chair, manufactured by Fritz Hanson, is available in different colours and fabrics.

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  1. this is one of my favourite chairs, I could never afford the original but all the copies i have seen are very poor 🙁

  2. When you look at the array of colors, the chair is even more appealing.

  3. I agree, the colors are gorgeous! Looks like a candy store….

  4. What a fab photo! I, too, am a fan.

  5. Thanks for your comments! I already thought you would love this photo (although the swan chair is not exactly a new design..)

  6. Sorry, his real name was Arne Jacobsen, not Jacobson.

  7. Thanks Sisifo for making me aware of the typo. I have made the corrections!

  8. I’ll take one in each color please, haha… I wish! Great Blog, bravo!

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