let’s talk

This gorgeous tablecloth, LET’S TALK, is designed by Karijn Otjes from The Netherlands. The heavy fabric has a 18th century feel but the abstract pattern is modern. On the tablecloth you can find questions (in Dutch) about friendship, love and life in general. By reading or pointing out these questions, interesting discussions can be initiated at the dinner table.

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  • This is the same idea as the Take your Time tablecloth by SEM design except that LET’S TALK design is nicer. A lot more sophisticated.

    I would not buy the one by SEM because their design was too repetitive. But if one day I learn Dutch, I will go for LET’S TALK because once you play the game; you are left with a beautiful table linen.

  • It is clever, isn’t it?! I agree with Kim that this tablecloth is nicer that the Take your Time tablecloth. The questions about life, love and friendship can start up more philosophical discussions.