helsinki hotel

Designers from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland, showed their perception of a hotel at the Milan Design Week 2007. This interesting exhibition named helsinki hotel is exploring contemporary living, hotel environment and Finnish culture through space, objects and events. Besides being an exhibition it also serves as a social meeting place. As the designers have transformed their views into items. The results is an unusual family of charismatic, pleasurable and thought-provoking objects. ‘They stole the ideas of hotel maids and lost tourists, transforming into objects the atmosphere of the city.’

The group behind the project consists of 16 designers from six different countries. The designers and objects showed in the images above are: A Room Service Set by Vasja Urh (large top image), 1+1+1=1 bedside furniture by Päivi Niemi (left top image), Käki Cuckoo serving plate by Tuomas Rossi (top right image), Conversation pieces by Niels Ole Frandsen (left image below), seat 100 years by David Dahlhaus Mora (right image below).

On the helsinki hotel website you can see all the other great products that are part of this project.

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