colourful bathrooms

What do you prefer? A serene, zen-like bathroom like the ones from NEW SPACES. Or would you rather have some colour in your bathroom? If you do, can choose to have only the bathtub in a bold colour (like the image above). Or you can go all the way as in the images below where also the walls are bright coloured.

(images from Marie Claire Maison)

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  • hm, I’m quite greedy, I want to try out every single one of them. Must be fun to use a different color or style each time, depending on the mood. No? 🙂

  • I love the two on the left. They are more classic and light. The ones on the right would probably be more difficult to keep clean and the colors are too trendy to not get sick of after a while.

  • I love the drama of these bathrooms but I can’t help thinking that those floors would be a little slippery when wet. Maybe a bathrug to provide a soft place to land? I found some really plush ones at Elegant Linens. They are made of natural fibers and the designs are simple and contemporary.

  • i want to get a red bath panel like the one above, where can i get it or how is it done?