NEW SPACES bathrooms

Manufacturers e15, Dornbracht and Alape have joint forces and started NEW PLACES. With this collaborative collection for bathrooms, they want to open up the boundaries between the living area and the bathing room and bring these two areas together. Did they succeed in this? Judging by the photos of these stunning, zen-like bathrooms, I think they did.
The inspiration for NEW PLACES came from bathing and relaxation rituals. The designs are base on three themes: welcome, unity and base. Various modules, consisting of accessories such as mirrors, shelves and trays, are available for each theme. Visit the website of NEW SPACES for more information and to see all modules available.

6 Responses to NEW SPACES bathrooms

  1. WOW these are so beautiful and pretty and zen and utilitarian. I love it. Thanks for the great find!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! I’m a bit hesitant of that thing I suspect to be the shower, though…

    (Big, red thing… Looks like it could swallow my soul…)

  3. Oh yes… I surrender to serenity!

  4. Thanks for your comments!

    I love those wooden elements. And I would not mind having a bathroom as big as those spaces in the pictures…

  5. Oh love that dreamy sink and faucet!

  6. it’s so serene and shows no pretentions…

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