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  • i absolutely love white. it’s so clean and neat.
    ps. this site is amazing 🙂 thank you for the constant inspiration!!

  • It does look amazing, but I think all the cleaning would depress me. I’m so boring and practical – I know… Perhaps if there was lots of staff to help. Mm, I like the sound of that.
    Have a good weekend.

  • As much as I love all three of the above images, a home should have a little warmth. The concrete floors do not appeal but if they used some light warm wood like bamboo, it would look very elegant and cozy.

  • i looooveee this.. i always like concrete floor, and i love everything white. thank you for these wonderful pics.. i wish i could have a house like this.. so contemporary and clean..

  • For me this too clean, but nice to look at, not to live in. Like Shin is saying… more warmth. I do like white interiors but then I guess it is called a more “classic white” French white or so to speak.. With lots of old wood in white ofcourse and beautiful white flowers everywhere in big vases of whiteglass.. 🙂