The Swedes

More furniture and home accessoriesin white! The Swedes is a design group based in Stockholm, Sweden. Jessica Fryklund, Jonas Wannfors and Love Neuschütz met at the Beckmans College of Design, where they started their collaboration. The Swedes are constantly experimenting with new expressions and ideas and strive to be smart, soft and human in their designs. Looking at their fab collection they seem to like white as much as I do! Candle holder Lab (above image) is inspired by a labyrinth, made of painted steel rods.

Drip is a hat rack in painted steel with a hole pattern (top image). Tilt (second image) are two different shelves that can be combined in multiple ways. Soap (third image) is woolen carpet with pattern made by the length of the wool threads. You can find more gorgeous and clever designs of The Swedes on their website.

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