Trend watcher Li Edelkoort has predicted that people will create their own ‘museum houses’. We will more and more start living among all kind of collections. This way we can show our identity and our uniqueness. Our collections, of for instance vintage glass and ceramics, can make our house and ourselves stand out of the crowd. In stead of mass production, we want unique and hard to find objects. Here are some examples to get you inspired!

This colorful collection of ceramic objects belongs to Eva. She and her sister Maditi both have wonderful taste. Eva finds the most beautiful vintage ceramic pieces on flea markets. And Maditi often borrows one of these vases for her gorgeous (polaroid) photos. You should check out her Etsy shop! Or visit Eva’s and Maditi’s blog Micasa, where you find more of their work. By the way, most of the vases are W.German designs from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Eva also has a beautiful collection of vintage vases in white. Isn’t it gorgeous? I find these images highly inspirational. I have a small collection of W.German vases and seeing these photos really inspires me to do some serious flea market shopping.

This stunning collection of glass vases belongs to Melanie. Melanie got her inspiration from the The Parker Hotel in Palm Springs, USA (see photo below). She acquired these beautiful pieces from various markets and thrift stores. Well done! Melanie also has her own blog substance..s. Thanks Melanie, Maditi and Eve for letting me use your beautiful pictures!

Are you a collector? Let me know, I am always fascinated by people’s collections. And if you aren’t a collector yet, perhaps these images have inspired you to start searching for beautiful objects on flea markets, ebay or in thrift stores. Happy hunting!

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  • WOW – those photos are incredible. LOVE the high shelf with glass vases in last one. Jo (W. German pottery LOVER) will freak when she sees this post!

  • Oh, that first photo is the best thing I’ve seen all day! Those saturated colours are just delicious. Thanks. I usually do my best not to collect things, but after this, I might start reviewing my rather sparse furnishing style…

  • thank´s for the beautiful feature!!
    those glass vases are fabulous – I think we have to start a new collection 🙂

  • Thank you all for your comments! It seems that I am not the only one who will be hunting for vintage ceramic and glass objects….

  • I think the prediction about homes as mini-museums is absolutely true. We are certainly seeing it as a trend among shoppers at Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market (NYC). You name it, somebody’s collecting it!

    Beautiful photos, by the way. Great colors!

  • Thanks for your comment! I think this is a great trend: people personalising their home with great flea market finds. Would love to visit Hell’s Kitchen Flea market in NY by the way!

  • Awesome photos. I love all the colorful vases together, and the picture of all white vases is so simplistic!

  • OMG I love Maditi’s west german pottery collection. And that glass is fabulous. I have a weakness for both. Great post Danielle. I’m on a different computer this weekend and I finally can get in to leave comments again 🙂

  • WOW! Those are gorgeous. I’m obsessed with Eva’s collection – just beautiful. Awesome post, thanks for sharing!