Good looking & eco-friendly containers

I can truly enjoy well-designed packaging material. Take for instance these gorgeous wine containers. They are not only good looking but are eco-friendly as well!
wine containers
The Boisset family, with its roots in Burgundy, France, has been making quality wine for two generations. Their label French rabbit was born out of a passion for delicious wine and respect for the earth. The grapes for the wines are sourced through sustainable farming in the sunny vineyards of Languedoc Roussillion region in southern France. French rabbit is committed to the environment at every stage of the life-cycle of their wines. Their Tetra-Prisma containers are 100% recyclable and take less energy to produce, transport and recycle. The containers reduce packaging by 90% in comparison to typical glass wine bottles. More information on the French rabbit wines can be found on their website.

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  • We made the switch to this wine several moths ago. Once you get over the idea of drinking wine out of a box the experience is a great one. They are releasing a few more varieties here in Canada soon. I am looking forward to the Pinot Noir!

  • Canada, eh? Can’t wait to hop on down to acquire one of these vin regardant délicieux. I imagine each sip tastes amazing knowing that the design is so earth-friendly…

    I can drink freely now… yippee! (;

  • Why do you think they are eco friendly? The material they are made of is a complex laminate of cardboard, metallic foil and plastic. They need very specialised machinery to recover the materials and the plastic is not recyclable. In the UK there is only one recycling plant, no collection of these packs by the local authorities so they end up in landfill.
    Bottles can be reused, if smashed up they form cullet which is an essential ingredient in new glass and reduces the amount of energy needed for melting.
    So yes they are pretty and they are lighter and pack better – so maybe a saving there – but not really eco friendly.
    I understand that Tetrapack are the sole suppliers of the material for the boxes and that they supply the machinery free – making their profit from the laminate.

  • I agree with Bob, this packaging is very difficult to recycle and to find a recycling center which will process it, whereas glass bottles can easily be recycled almost anywhere in the world and the material doesnt weaken in the recycling process like plastics and other materials.. The savings is only in the energy used to ship the wine.

  • We need more products like this one. I think that anybody would enjoy having their coffee in biodegradable cups.