Kate Hume Glass

glass vases
Amsterdam based designer Kate Hume has been working in the design world for twenty years – from fashion to film sets and interiors in Europe and the USA. An enduring interest in glass as a medium led to the design and production of a small collection of unique pieces in 1999.
glass vases
Hume’s collection of mouth-blown pieces has gradually expanded to incorporate over fifty basic forms. Most of the pieces are designed to form ‘still lives’ and are presented in complimentary groups.

My favourite collection is the Gem collection. The designer has added trails of clear glass to the basic vessel shapes almost at random. The glass is then cut and polished to represent the crystalline magic of minerals and precious stones. Also the beautiful colours are gem inspired: rose quartz, amethyst, and ruby, pyrite, cinnabar and aquamarine. Visit Kate’s website for more information and to see all her gorgeous collections.

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