Bookcase Kwan by Studio Ditte

Studio Ditte is a young design agency based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This Dutch agency is specialized in concept development and product design. Their goal is to add something to the user’s perception of the environment by giving everyday life an extra touch. A hidden story, an element from another culture or a twist that makes you think about things.
book case
Studio Ditte’s Sampling China collection uses elements of Chinese culture as inspiration for its collection. By mixing different cultural bits and bytes, interesting new products can be created. Part of the Sampling China collection is bookcase Kwan (Chinese for stick). This bookcase has been inspired by the way laundry is dried in China: on horizontal sticks hanging from the window. The wooden cabinet is white in order to show off your books. This way the bookcase, available in a standing and a hanging version, will be an eye-catcher in your living room. Contact Studio Ditte for retail information and to see the full collection.

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