Marike Andeweg

Elegant, clean lines, serene, pure. Those are a few characteristics that I think a bathroom should have. The sanitary products by Marike come very close to my picture of the perfect bathroom.
Marike Europe is a Dutch company, established in 2003 by designer Marike Andeweg. Andeweg has studied Industrial Design and Engineering in The Hague and has worked for several years at the product development department of the Dutch furniture manufacturer Pastoe. The Dutch designer describes herself as sober mindedness, down-to-earth, pure Dutch. With a revolutionary vision, she approaches design and function in a refreshing and different way. She had her breakthrough with the spectacular ‘Well’ bath, which won the prestigious iF Design award in 2005. Since then the brand has grown to an international operating company. In 2007 Marike won two more iF Design Awards.
In three years time Marike has developed a large collection of sanitary products that can create a sphere of simple elegance. The characteristics of her designs are simplicity, pure shapes and varied structures. All products live up to Marike’s motto: “Enjoy the simplicity”. Check out Marike’s website to see all her stunning designs. Available in Europe only, hopefully Marike’s gorgeous collections will become available to the rest of the world soon.

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  • im an interior designer from africa and i have done a couple of jobs here in kenya my country and neighbouring countries, i would wish to work with u and enhance my skills. would you mind?

  • Hi,
    I am an Interior Designer based in Gurgaon, India. I would like to work with you.
    Sameer Gadoo

  • Hi Marike !
    I am an Interior designer based in India, Kolkata, I would like to give a business proposal to you, if you are interested i would like to open up a studio in your collaboration where we can work to gether in your brand. Presently I am doing 2 hotel projects 1 is a 3 Star Hotel in Park Street, Kolkata, India and the other one is a 4 star Hotel in Jamshedpur and by the grace of God I am getting various other offers for the Project management consultancy and Interior designing.

    Please let me know your interest into the matter stated above.



  • hi marike,
    i am an asst. architect based in delhi ,India and would like learn interior designing. it would be glad for me to work with you.hoping for favorable reply.

    thanks with regards

    anand kumar