The Cane Collection by Atelier 2+

Caning is a method of weaving surface used for furniture. The term for the material, cane, is derived from the peeled bark of the rattan stalk which is originally from a tropical area of the world and most commonly found in South East Asia. The Cane Collection is a collection of furniture pieces made of cane and wood, designed by Atelier 2+. This Bangkok based creative studio is founded by Thai-born, Swedish trained Ada Chirakranont and Worapong Manupipatpong. Their approach towards furniture design reaches beyond furniture as a stand-alone product, rather articulates it as a tool for shaping user experience in a furnished space. “The caned furniture has a unique quality that give warm and timeless texture to the interior space. It has a long tradition and history back in 17th century when European trade with Asian. We love the historical touch and sense of place when we work with this material and the craftsmanship process. The caning method has a long tradition since the colonial period in South East Asia. It’s interesting to see how tropical material has been traveled and live through the history in another side of the world. We try to capture the classic colonial interior and reinterpreted in new contemporary life style” says Atelier 2 +.

The Cane collection aims to insert the still beauty of contemporarily decorated space with a warm lightness that radiate life and vibrancy. The unique airiness of caned surface work as a conduit of light and air, allowing these elements a freedom of movement not found through other types of furniture surface material.

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