The Bower Cottage in Byron Bay, Australia

You probably already have noticed that The Style Files has a new look. The previous design was a bit outdated and I wanted a fresh & modern website. It was hard work and there are still some things to be done but I am happy with the result. Hopefully you like it too! The images are now larger and there are some new features: in the sidebar you see some of my Instagram posts and in the top menu bar there is a ‘decor favorites section’. On this page I display decor items that I like and that appeal to my sense of aesthetics. To be fully transparant, these contain affiliate links. This sellection will be updated regularly with new finds. Now back to blogging! Today’s post features the beautiful Bower cottage in Byron Bay, Australia. The holiday rental cottage is an original 100-year old dwelling, yet any nod to tradition ends at the front door, which opens into sophisticated, five-bedroom, luxury accommodation. The cottage is part of the Bower concept (there is also The Bower Barn, The Bower House and The Bower Suites) which reimagines the whole concept of ‘beach motel’ by combining the barefoot ambiance of Byron Bay with the discreet and effortless elegance of New York boutique accommodation.

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  • Hi Danielle,
    Greetings from Ireland. I’ve been a follower of your blog for years… I’ve always thought it beautiful but the new design and layout elevates it even further. Gorgeous. I love these new photos of the Bower cottage too…Thank you for all the years of pleasure you have given me and all those who share your aesthetic. I look forward to your posts every time …and they never fail to please. X Carol

  • Hi Danielle,
    I’m a late bloomer in the comments department as I always thought it would be tedious for you to have to check through your daily comments after obviously spending so many hours creating and curating such a gorgeous and thoughtful site. I too have looked forward to you brightening my days with your beautiful finds, terrific design sense and hard work. I live and love Sydney, yet I have always had an affinity for white and texture – which includes all things ‘Scandi’, even if we inhabit different ends of the globe.
    Thank you so much for all you do, as you brighten many peoples’ days – like mine, on a regular basis!

  • Hi Carol & Elisa,
    Thank you for your very kind words! When I sit behind my computer creating another post it is hard to imagine that someone in another country will be reading it some time later. It makes me happy knowing that people from all over the world enjoy my blog. Thanks again for your comments, this is very much appreciated!

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Danielle x