I have a soft spot for (powder) pink but I don’t have anything pink in my home. On Pinterest I have been seeing lots of pink tiled bathrooms lately and it makes me wonder about adding more pink to the house. I will not be redesigning our bathroom but perhaps start with a powder pink pompom blanket on our bed. What do you think of pink bathroom tiles: hot or not? If you want to add a feminine touch to your bathroom but an entire wall of pink tiles is too much, you can also opt for a pink sink as in the last two images (after the jump). I am curious to hear what your opinion on pink tiles is!

1. Popham Design | 2. Norsu home | 3. Domus tiles | 4. Homes to Love | 5. & 6. Made by Cohen | 7. Terrazzo Mosaic | 8. Loughlin Furniture | 9. Behance.

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