Australian designer Rachel Castle is a talented lady that I have been following for a long time now. I love her Instagram feed as Rachel has a great sense of humor and her whimsy design remind me that I need some pops of color in my home. I recently ordered the beautiful Love tea towel (can’t wait for it to arrive!) and I will frame it (as in the image below) to be hung in my son’s bedroom. I will show you the result when it is finished! About the Castle brand: “Castle loves having a bit of fun. We love color and whimsy. We love making accessible art and beautiful bedlinen. We love spots and fluro and pink and yellow and orange and grey and love hearts and flowers and paint and felt and everything that POPS around in our studio. If its fun we love it.” Rachel has spent the past 20 years in the homeware industry both in Australia and the UK, and currently lives in Sydney. Founded in 2008, Castle has become a haven for lovers of all things sunny. Many of their cotton bedding products are being made in Australia whilst all of the artworks are sewn, screened and painted by Rachel Castle. In this post you can find some of favorite items. I hope you love them as much as I do! Above: limited edition Rainbows print | jumbo floor cushion

artwork made from (framed) teatowel

embroidery artwork

sausage dog bed linen | limited edition Rainbows print


cotton throw | colorful cushions

Credits: first image by The Grace Tales | all other images by Castle.

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