Wives-turned-business partners Kate Oliver and Ellen Prasse not only lives in an Airstream but also renovate these mobile homes for other. After deciding to trade their nine-to-five jobs for a life on the road three years ago, the pair made flipping retro caravans into tiny, contemporary retreats, their full-time gig. The couple now has renovated six Airstreams: three for clients, and three for themselves. This Airstream with hints of pink is their latest fixer-upper, created for clients Chris and Page whodecided to switch gears and explore North America by Airstream. Kate: “As we worked through the design plan, we were able to use our knowledge of living in an Airstream to help them understand how the space would be used. Living tiny is a willing sacrifice and it’s not the same as life in an average sized home, which is why we work so closely with clients to determine the things they need the most and then the things they want the most. Needs and function come first, wants come second. Beautiful design, for us, is always important.” You can read the entire article here on Domino. If you also want some blush touches in your (mobile) home, you can find some inspiration in yesterday’s post.

Credits % source: Domino.

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