I prefer to buy from small shops, labels and companies to support artists, designers and (small) shop owners. Often these businesses are run by women who work hard to combine motherhood with entrepreneurship. Which is not always easy I know from experience! Today I like to feature a wonderful collaboration between artist & designer Merrilee Liddiard and Gathre. This US based label, run by women, turned Merrilee’s hand illustrated print into a beautiful mat. The large version of the Our World mat can also be used as a wall display. I think this looks fantastic in a kids room! Designer Merrilee: “In recreating this map I felt impressed to call it ” Our World Map” instead of just “World Map”. I really came to love – even more – all the corners of this world we call home. We’re all in this together. It’s our world – the only one we’ve got, and we have a responsibility to her. To learn about her peoples, landscapes and stories. To respect her. To love her. And this mat collab is a perfect way to share all of that with our children – our worlds future.”

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