This beautiful home located in Amagansett (NY), one of the small beach towns in the Hamptons, is designed by Portland-based Jessica Helgerson Interior Design who transformed it into a light-filled, Scandinavian-inspired home. The designer: “This Hamptons home was a departure from the historic homes we often take on. With significant changes to the floor plan and finishes, the home transformed in to a light filled Scandinavian inspired getaway for our clients. We designed cozy sitting rooms with built in sofas on each floor and expanded the kitchen to include space previously occupied by a screened porch. The palette is very restrained with pale wood, white painted wood, handmade white tile, marble and brass. We took our cues for furnishing the home from our stylish clients; incorporating timeless Danish pieces with some more modern touches.”

Credits & source: JH interior design | via Bliss.

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