Bon Bon Fait Maison is an innovative concept of fast gourmet food on a Greek island, where the Ionian, Aegean and Cretan seas meet under the Greek sunlight. The story begins a few years ago when some friends from Paris got together on a Greek island named Kythira. The island’s strange energy, the flavours, the aromas and the authenticity of the place made their hearts beat loudly. This intense love for the island evoked their need for creation. This is how BON BON Fait Maison (homemade) was designed, shaking things up gastronomically on the island. The soul of the endeavour is Chef Kriton Minas Poulis from Paris, he is the man who envisioned the gastronomic philosophy behind BON BON Fait Maison. The interesting menu includes homemade ice creams and sorbets that smell like Greece, French galettes and crepes from Brittany with black buckwheat flour, fresh juices of unique combinations and a strict selection of Greek traditional products.

The Interior Design Laboratorium is responsible for the design identity. This Greek interior design company was asked from the beginning to conceive of a design identity which could travel to other Greek islands as well as major European cities. The first BON BON Fait Maison is located in the town of Kythira, in a traditional two storey building from the 1860s. The design is inspired by Greece, the Greek summer and the life of the people living on the Greek islands. The intention of the design study was to create a space that would subconsciously awaken to the visitor memories of their childhood summer innocence; much like the warm feeling of the summerhouse that keeps you coming back. The careful selection of materials and elements, such as the traditional mosaic floor, the white marbles from the island of Naxos, the built-in benches and the wooden ceiling which was carefully restored and preserved, are familiar images tied to Greek island houses. The furniture and all the wooden constructions were custom designed for the project, highlighting both the uniqueness of the project and the design philosophy of Interior Design Laboratorium. The decorative lighting fixtures made from brass, porcelain and glass project impressive sparkles of design on the white plaster walls. The design outcome features a mix of old and new elements that emit a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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