A few years ago I posted about a renovation of an old fisherman’s house in the town of Koroni in Greece. The owner of this lovely house has sent me some images of another home that they have renovated in Greece. This little house is located in a traditional hill village above the beautiful and historic seaside village of Kardamyli in ‘the Mani’ area of the Peloponnese. This is an area of dramatic scenery, winding roads, mountains and gorges, fishing villages, and the home of the delicious Kalamata olives! When Carey found the cottage it had not been lived in for 70 years and had no bathroom or toilet. What they loved about the cottage was the beautiful views from the upstairs room. A new roof, new electrics and plumbing turned this little cottage into a beautiful home once more. Outside a balcony was added to take in the spectacular view all the way down the coastline. The garden was paved with local stone and some additional terraces made for sitting out.

Owner Carey about the renovation: “Upstairs the detached cottage had a small dark kitchen and one room where the family slept and lived. Downstairs they kept their animals in the arched stone ‘camara’ area. We knocked the two rooms upstairs through into one big living space, added a polished concrete open-shelved kitchen area and replaced the rotten floors with some ancient wide ‘white oak’ boards from an old Turkish ship (found in a reclamation yard in Athens). Downstairs we lowered the floor to give more headroom, white-washed the thick stone walls, and enlarged the tiny window so that we could create a bedroom that was both light and airy. We re-used the original external French doors from the upstairs room as doors for the new built-in wardrobes in the bedroom. The shower room was created within the old ’sterna’ downstairs – the cistern area for collecting rainwater. The shower room has polished concrete walls and flooring, shelves made from the same Turkish boards we used upstairs, and an old marble wash basin found in a reclamation yard. You can see the sky through the sky light above when you are showering in the spacious shower!”

Thanks Carey for showing us your beautiful Greek home!

Photography: Gary Birch; Lefteris Miaoulis & Kyriaki Dovinou | architect: Aiolou Architects | landscape Design: Katerina Georgi.

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