This is the home where Brigitte and Thierry Benkemoun go to when they want to escape from their city lives in Paris. Brigitte’s father bought the rustic 17th-century farmhouse around 40 years ago. Brigitte and Thierry inherited half of the property 15 years ago. On weekends and holidays they traveled to their home in the Provence with their now adult children. Two years ago, when they inherited the other half of the house, they decided to renovate the house and make it their own. They installed a polished concrete aggregate floor downstairs, changed the design of the simple concrete stairs leading to the second floor, and added black steel-framed doors that open from the living room to the terrace. In the kitchen IKEA cabinets were fitted with iron fronts. The result is home with a rustic charm but with all comforts of modern living.

Source: Homelife.

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  • We’re in the South of France at the moment, looking at property, and it’s so good for the soul. These wonderful, ancient buildings are so beautiful. Brigitte and Thierry have done a wonderful job with their remodel; they’ve made their home more contemporary, while keeping all of the building’s character in tact. I especially love the amazing stair case!


  • What a beautiful home – a wonderful modernisation of the classic. Can anyone tell me what make the bathroom tapware is and which company clad the ikea kitchen doors.
    Also, do let me know if the home is ever let for holiday use!

  • Hello,

    we are travelling to the South of France in August and i would like to know whether it is possible to book this home for a few nights? Is there any contact?

    I´m looking forward to hear from you 🙂

    Best regards,
    Patrick & Anna