This house in Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful homes that I have seen in a while. The interior is a mix of various styles: vintage and modern pieces are combined with ethnic influences and a feminine touch. The result is an interesting blend which really works well. The floor space, divided over three levels, measures 240m2 which gives enough space for a family. The kitchen is small though for such a big house. For those in the market for a family home in Amsterdam: this beautiful house is for sale!! There is a price tag though of 1.6 million euro.. The ideal location (in the heart of Amsterdam, near the famous Vondelpark) is partly to blame for the high asking price.

Similar industrial style lights can be found here and here. Vintage kilim rugs (I love that pastel colored rug in the living room!) are available from Le Souk (new supply of vintage rugs and cushions will arrive next month)>. Similar style coffee tables can be found here, here and here.

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