Atelier Vime in the Provence (France) offers a unique selection of vintage articles, including furniture, made of wicker, rattan or cord. Established in Vallabrègues, Atelier Vime lies at the heart of the rich history of wicker working developed in this village de Provence. Since immemorial times, the wicker culture and work have been the main trades occupying the people of this peninsula bordering the Rhône river, between Arles and Saint Rémy de Provence. Vallabrègues counted as much as 450 wickerworkers out of it’s 1800 inhabitants during the 18th century. Atelier Vime not only curates vintage pieces but also creates new designs such as the XXL Aramis suspension pendant (featured in the first image) which requires about 40 hours of braiding. The metal structure is also entirely made by hand.

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