This beautiful home in the heart of Puglia, a region in Southern Italy, belongs to interior designer Pino Brescia. Pino became known for designing the interior of stylish boutique hotel Masseria Cimino and 5 star hotel Borgo Egnazia. A white & neutral colour palette mixed with the use of natural natural materials turns this house into the perfect summer home. I love the outdoor kitchen in the last image!

Credits & source: images by G. Baroni for ELLE Decoration.

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  • One of most adorable place which everyone wants to go in Puglia Italy. Design with a new concept every eye looks on that design.

  • That first picture Is a perfect visualisation of the appeal that the new Ikea Stockhlom sofa has for me.

  • While the colors and decor are soothing and help to add to the tranquil effect, on closer scrutiny you see just how narrow the spaces truly are — the bath especially! There is an illusion of space where it is not, which this talented designer manages to great effect.