Today another beautiful apartment in Paris, France! This lofty one-bedroom duplex on Grands-Augustins is designed and fully renovated by A+B Kasha in 2009. The apartment has incredible light and I love the warmth of the wooden floors. In the high ceilings, the original supporting beams are exposed. A custom-designed interior staircase leads from the open living space to a chic bedroom suite above. The 18th century building is both well-maintained and original. The view from the apartment – overlooking the pretty rue Christine – is a special added charm. Good news for those looking for a home in Paris (and a high budget is not a problem): the apartment is for sale!






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  • Such a beautiful floor. I love this apartment with its typical parisean balconies. It’s all so pretty. Thanks for sharing.
    xx, Stephanie

  • Oh no… You make me reconsider my decision to build a new house here in Germany!!! 😀 Maybe I move to my favorite city Paris and try to get hold on such an apartment like this…

  • I always dream to live in Paris, aside from a very beautiful place, a lot of amazing people to socialize with. I can still remember my trip there way back in 2011, I’ve got friends easily. I stayed in an apartment near just near in locals and the experience was totally awesome, it looks like this apartment. If given the chance to live in Paris,this elegant apartment will be one of my options. Thank you for sharing this great article!