Recording moments in life that are precious has never been so simple, yet despite this, the reality is most of us store our photos away online or just leave them on our cameras or phones and do nothing with them. Photos of loved ones, important milestones and memorable holiday adventures should be treasured and are the perfect way make a space truly your own. Together with Canon I have created some tips on how to make the most of your post–summer holiday photos and how to give them a well-deserved place in your home:

Tip 1: Organising and selecting your photos

There are many simple, yet appealing ways to get creative with your printed photos but first you will need to organise them. An easy way to manage this is to upload your photos from your camera or phone on a regular basis, deleting the bad ones as you go, to a cloud service such as irista from Canon. Not only will your images be safely stored but irista will group your favourite photos each time you upload a batch, making it much easier to find your best shots later. Choose rich, vibrant and imaginative images and think about the story you want to tell and express these with the images you select. Irista not only lets you store and protect your photos in an online cloud but also lets you group your photos into collections that you access at any time, from anywhere on any device.


Tip 2: Choosing your frames

The type of frame you choose is another way of bringing character to your photo display. Photo walls are more pleasing to the eye when the frames complement each other and the easiest way to do this is by sticking to one colour or texture. For example, you may decide to use all black frames or just wooden ones. My favourite photo frame at the moment is one from Danish label Moebe. Their minimalistic style frames consist of four pieces of oak wood and two pieces of plexi-glass which means you don’t have to worry about cutting your photos in the exact size of the frame.
Having a printer at home means you can easily try out different photo sizes and still achieve professional standard prints, so if you change your mind about what photo you would like to put in a frame, selecting and printing replacements is convenient. I am using the Canon PIXMA MG7750, which produces high quality prints in a variety of sizes (A4, A5, 20x25cm, 10x15cm, 13x18cm) at high speed.


Tip 3: Designing a gallery

Photo galleries are the perfect way to showcase a group of family moments, just as those from a recent summer holiday, while giving an instant lift to your home décor. The idea of creating a montage of photos can often be intimidating but it’s not too difficult. After printing your photos and choosing your frames, deciding how to arrange them is the fun part. First position all your frames on the floor and move them around until you have found your perfect arrangement. Then select a centre piece (which should come on the wall at eye level) and begin to build around this piece. By keeping the same distance between the frames you can achieve a symmetrical look. Once you are happy with the result you can hang the frames on your wall one by one. As an extra step, you can use removable tape on your wall to mark the outline of the frames in the exact arrangement that you have created on the floor, so you know exactly where to put the nails. New Canon ink technology will reproduce images with rich colours and textures to make your galleries even more captivating and draw the eyes of visitors to your home. The Canon PIXMA MG7750’s six colour cartridges provide prints with beautiful, vibrant colours, making your holiday photos look as stunning as the day they were taken.


Tip 4: Getting even more creative

Displaying your photos doesn’t always have to be about using frames. Another creative way to show off those family memories is to make your own magnetic decals. You can easily achieve this by printing photos and applying adhesive magnetic strips to the rear. Then the choice is yours. For example, stick the photos on your fridge so they can be admired any time of the day or use chalkboard paint with magnetic primer for making a giant magnetic chalkboard. Add some more fun by using whiteboard shapes that you can write on. Make sure when you’re back from holiday every feature of your holiday is captured just as you remembered it. Next to my DSLR camera I use Canon’s PowerShot SX710 HS, an ultra-compact camera which is easy to take with you. Despite its small size the camera captures impressive detail with its 30x optical zoom plus and 60x ZoomPlus features, making it the ideal travel companion for taking print-worthy photos.

Tip 5: Treasuring children’s art

As parents we love our kid’s artwork but most of us have run out of space to display them and the pile of drawings and paintings is getting bigger and bigger. By taking photos of your children’s artwork, you can keep a digital version and store away the piles of paper. It also means you can resize the original artwork and display smaller versions of large pieces. Why not create a children’s art collage by mounting a number of small sized artwork photos on a mat and put this in one large frame. Or you can create a gallery wall with various frames (see tip number 2).

Have fun! Remember that displaying photos is a fantastic way to give your walls more character and as a reminder of the memorable times spent with loved ones.

This post has been created in collaboration with Canon, a brand that I have been using for years.

Image credits: Danielle de Lange | the style files.

Update: I received some questions about the eye mirror – this one is from Urban Outfitters and available here.

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