One of the easiest ways to make a home feel more lived-in and cosy is by adding houseplants to a room. Plants can instantly change the atmosphere and can add that extra touch to your décor to make it stand out and make it more lively. Also, plants are known to purify the air and according to the ancient Eastern philosophy of feng shui, decorating with houseplants will create harmony in a home.

Plants do look best against a simple background. When choosing an indoor plant make sure that the colors of the leaves and flowers don’t clash with the colors in your interior. For a unique touch I customized some simple pots so plant and pot perfectly match with the other items in my home. I bought some inexpensive terracotta pots from a garden centre (these costed only 3.50 EUR a piece). Then I used acrylic paint to paint the pot for my bedroom white (images 1 & 2) and with a permanent marker I drew the closed eyes on white surface. For the pot in my living room (images 3 & 4) I used a white permanent marker to draw an ethnic style pattern on the rim to match with the style of the aboriginal painting and vintage kilim cushion. One plant, two different looks! And it took me just 5 minutes to customize each pot. On you can find more ideas on how to decorate your home with plants as well as care tips and fun diy projects.

The plant I have used for decorating my home is the Ficus Ginseng, which has been selected by Bloemenbureau Holland as houseplant of the month. This highly decorative plant has glossy green leaves but is mostly appreciated for its twisted, thick stem. Ficus is Latin for Fig and the term Ginseng is a reference to the resemblance of the trunks and roots to the eastern ginseng herb. Looking after a Ficus Ginseng is easy: they require frequent watering and also like to be sprayed with water regularly. Position the plant in a light place but do not keep it in direct sunlight. If you wish you can prune the leaves during the darker months to maintain a beautiful shape. Bloemenbureau Holland is giving away five of these gorgeous Ficus Ginseng plants. Dutch readers can enter this give-away by leaving a comment in the comments section at the end of this post.




This post is created in collaboration with Bloemenbureau Holland. Photos, words and opinions are my own.

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