I love the beautiful work of Katsufumi Baba. His work is the quintessential example of imperfect perfection – how can anything imperfect look so perfect? The Japanese potter has been interested in pottery ever since he was a child. After majoring in law he made up his mind that he wanted to be a potter, so he went to France in 1995 and travelled around Europe for two years to see and learn from European potters. After spending many years as an apprentice to a local potter in Japan, in 2003 he set up in his home town of Fukuoka and has been creating his own works ever since. Katsufumi is interested in creating functional beauty, items that you use over and over for ones entire life. In the future he looks to explore porcelain clay dug up from his own land, using firewood and traditional methods to finish his pots. You can see and purchase his work at OEN and Koromiko.


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