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  • It’s so perfectly nordic! ! Stunning.
    I had a look at the pictures and thought: wow! I wish I had a home like this. Then I realized that here in Spain it is somehow difficult. The “structure” of the houses is so different, and even the most stupid details, like the white walls, is so strange here. I just moved in a new house, and told the painters I wanted WHITE walls, but when I came to see the result, I saw all the house painted in a kind of pallid yellow/cream color, which they call for white… hopeless 😉
    I am now working at the details, to see if I can save the disaster before I have to paint the walls again…

  • Such it is stunning … All the snaps you added are showing the beauty of this home . The home decoration is now days on a very high level . The technology appliances , furnitures , paints , lighting everything became innovative . Furniture used in this home is looking fabulous with its bright and shiny color .