Green isn’t perhaps your first color of choice when it comes to decorating a kids room (at least it isn’t mine) but this room designed by Maaike Koster proves that green is very suitable to give a room a fresh and bright look. Maaike, who is a designer and owner of My Deer, has used old and new furniture for her son’s bedroom. The main eye-catcher is the old cabinet which is painted in a bright green shade. The walls and floor have been kept white, green is only used as an accent color. You can achieve this look by adding green accessories and/or painting a wall or a furniture piece in a bright green color. You can find some suggestions at the end of this post. More about Maaike’s beautiful home can be found on &SUUS.









Shop in green: 1. mushroom lamp | 2. crocodile wall sticker from Inke, available from Smallable | 3. Areaware squirrel cushion from Smallable | 4. Kiko car from Smallable | 5. Anglepoise desk lamp from Smallable | 6. green tractor lunch box | 7. school guitar bag by Bobo Choses | 8. sunshine t-shirt by Bobo Choses | 9. truck made from recycled plastic | 10. wooden camera by Janod | 11. green Casalino junior chair from Smallable

Paint suggestions: 1. Salade from Histor | 2. Puur Citroengras from Flexa | 3. 85% Eucalyptus from Flexa.

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  • Wow, these greens work so beautifully in these children’s rooms. I especially like how the colors can easily transition from toddler to tween; great color palettes should have some longevity.

  • I love it!…when I was 7 and my parents were renovating the house I got to choose my bedroom wall mum wanted me to choose pink but i chose the brightest green there was……my fave room ever…I miss that room?xR

  • I really love this room – I like that the main decor is white so the odd bursts of colour really stand out. Kids rooms should be fun, bright and inspiring and that doesn’t always mean painting all the walls bright as that can make a room feel oppressive – adding vibrant furniture is an easy and effective solution and looks fab.