Are you looking for some serious bathroom inspiration? Then you are at the right place! Today’s post is all about free standing bath tubs. I have selected ten of the most beautiful tubs I could find. White tubs, round tubs, a boat shaped tub, black tubs, wooden tubs .. I have tried to included as much variations as possible. Which one is your favorite? There will be a part two in the coming weeks but if you want to see more beautiful bathrooms right now you can follow these links for: black bathrooms, rustic bathrooms, serene bathrooms, bathroom sinks made of stone, bathroom sinks made of wood, outdoor bathrooms.










Source: 1. Punta del Este home by Menossi | 2. Saffire Freycinet resort in Tasmania | 3. villa in Portugal designed by Piet Boon | 4. Femina.dk | 5. Ofurò bath designed by Matteo Thun | 6. source unknown | 7. bathboat by Dutch designer Wieki Somers | 8. Piet Boon | 9. apartment in The Netherlands designed by Remy Meijers | 10. Wissioming Residence, image by M. MacKenzie.

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  • With baths like this I always wonder, who cleans behind the bath and how?
    Pretty, but they need a big space. I like the wooden one. Maybe a Japanese maplewood bath in the next series (so beautiful). Kind regards.

  • What a lovely selection! I dream to have one of this tubs in my bathroom..however I think you need to have a huge bathroom to place a similar freestanding bath tub, in a small space they won’t have the same effect!

  • Love the bath tubs and bathroom designs all together. From a safety stand point I fear the tub featured with the fireplace and stack of wood floor to ceiling should have changed the direction of the wood plank tile flooring.

    When building decks we would recommend this to prevent tripping when the step is concealed in the one way direction of the planks.

    Just a thought.

    So sexy – just a little dangerous.


  • I just read my post and forgot to say that the change of direction in the wood plank tiles would be at the step.

    Switching the direction here so the floor stays the same where it installed around the tub but when you step down the direction switches at 90 degrees.

    Much easier to spot the step when this is done.

  • I agree with John Whipple about the direction of the planks. I fell and broke my ankle because I didn’t realize the floor level changed… It creates an illusion of the floor being completely level, even at a step. But aside from that…. I love this post and all of the bathtubs are gorgeous! great job!!

  • Such gorgeous baths! My favourite is the sunken one into the floor…Oh I dream of those…. and then add the view from the last tub… ah bliss 🙂

  • lovely but they don’t look comfy and when your bathe you want comfort and your back and head supported and most of these are style and we need style and comfort. I love the setting of the last one the great window.