I am not sure if it is the same in other countries but here in The Netherlands, because of decreasing numbers of church goers, a lot of churches are being rebuild to houses. This has also been the case with this beautiful Dutch home. Living in a former church requires a different approach to decorating than with a standard house as rooms can be large and ceilings are high. The owner of this home have 450 m² of living space and they have used large furniture pieces to fill the rooms. The result is a very unique home with lots of character and history.






Credits: images by Jeltje Janmaat, via VT Wonen.

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  • Good morning Danielle,
    I am a true addict of your blog and I am following it daily. Thanks for doing it !
    This time I was wondering where the wood table in these nice pictures is coming from. As I am French and do not speak Dutch, I was wondering if you could be so kind to let me know if you can find the brand of it in the credits ? Thank you very much

  • @ Nathalie, I am happy to hear that you enjoy reading my blog! I have checked but unfortunately I could not find who made the wooden table. My guess is that it is specially made by a carpenter as it is a very large size. Often people design their own table and have these made by a craftsman.

  • Very cool layout. I also love the arches! The shower looks absolutely exquisite. Showers with lots of room are always the best. That’ll be the next addition in our home!

    Great blog!

  • The grey yet modern aesthetics are sooo gorgeous!! I never would have thought to use those colours together. Although I am pretty design dumb haha!
    Thanks for sharing, got lots of inspiration for my new dining room.