Fall is definitely here and although it is not my favorite season (Spring is) I do enjoy this time of the year. With days and nights getting colder I like to cozy up my home and add decorating touches to make it cozy and welcoming. I also like simple DIY projects that I can do with my toddler son, making puppets from chestnuts for example. Here are a few projects that I found online which will get you in fall spirit. At the bottom of this post you can find links to the source which is where you can find more information and instructions.







1. glittery leaf garland | 2. beautiful garland made by Tessa who was inspired by this garland | 3. gold leaf pine cone garland | 4. cone garland by Weranna’s | 5. paper leaf garland | 6. painted leaf art | 7. waxed leaves.

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  • Lovely images!!! Fall is not my fav season too (summer is) but one thing I love are the brownish and orange colours of the falling leaves…

  • Practical beautiful ideas,made from easy to get material,very good for recycling .
    The different tones of the leaves are enchanting special the very red ones of the Chinese maples,also the yellow that looks more like gold,with the in between ones.
    There is beauty in everything.