A kitchen in pastel tones might not be the first option you think of when choosing a new kitchen. But perhaps you change your mind after seeing this stunning kitchen in dusty pastels. The images show the offices of Danish fashion label Becksöndergaard photographed by Heidi Lerkenfeldt. The high ceilings and the large glass wall give the space an industrial character which is softened by the feminine pastel colors. How do you feel now about a pastel toned kitchen?




Credits: images by Heidi Lerkenfeldt.

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  • Love the sliding glass door/windows. Wonder if I can replicate this in earthquake prone japan…

    I enjoy scrolling through your blog on my way to work but it’s a shame that we now have to click “continue reading” to see the rest of each post.
    Any thoughts on removing this new feature?

  • Pastels are so bland! No punch of color! Your eyes just slide over the picture with nothing of interest to stop and consider!