These gorgeous cabanas were recently featured in the German AD magazine. The summer cottages are built in a rustic style and decorated in that same natural chic style. Responsible for the interior designer is Vera Iachia, who used mainly furniture and accessories made from natural materials. Unfortunately I don’t have any additional information besides that the cottages are located in the town of Comporta.








Image source: via Vera Iachia.

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  • So wonderful to hear that you’re enjoying this post! I will feature another beautiful beach house later this week.

  • Comporta is a very beautiful village located in Portugal. It is 100 kms from the capital city, Lisbon.

  • 😀 Thanks for featuring one of the most gorgeous places of my country. Comporta is located at around 100km from Lisbon, the capital, and is known for its rice fields, neverending beaches where you take your family and stay for the whole day.
    It’s quite a closed place ad quite controlled so that it’s not damaged. The house (cabana, as in “shack”) you feature is probably an old rice farmer house that was rebuilt as happens with all the houses there as constructig in Comporta is very limited. You can find more about it here -

  • please sent me information on this cute cottage!!!! I’m looking to travel next spring with my husband for 10 days, all prices and info would be appreciated:) oh our first time to Portugal

    Thank you from Canada

  • Could you please tell me the name of the author or achitevt that mande the rehabilitation of this house?

  • Could you please tell me the name of the author or achitect that made the rehabilitation of this house?