When American design couple Robert and Cortney Novogratz fell in love with Brazil, they decided to buy a property in Transcoso. The beautiful wooden house is very different from their concrete home in Manhattan. Here their seven (!) children can walk barefoot, swim in warm water and run free. Although they work hard, having fun is essential for this inspiring family.






Image credits: Marco Antonio, via Casa.abril

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  • Amazing house and amazing family also !!
    Thanks for sharing with us everyday !
    Fantastic blog yours…..

  • The Novogratz family is always a Montage of joy to see, as in family picture above. Their Brazilian Trancoso house is spectacular and a natural – with its fine wood finishes, Decor and a melange of natural cut wood post & beams fitting perfectly with the environment. Jean D. New York, NY

  • Hello!
    I love your blog and as a brazilian I love to see houses from country here.

  • That shower looks amazing! It just gave me an idea for our vacation house. Thank you for sharing this. Such a lovely house.

  • Thanks for all your kind comments. It is always wonderful to read that you enjoy my posts!

    Thanks @cris for your flattering words! And @Anneliese, I am happy to feature houses from your beautiful country. I will be showing more houses from Brazil in the coming weeks!

  • Really amazing house. How much would be the costs to build a house like this? Does anyone have an idea? Thanks much !!!

  • A country boy from Parlatuvier. Your architecture fills me with nostalgia for the simple life style of the
    country–side. Very sustainable architecture Trees grow again and are replaceble Life is temporary but it is the rebirth and hope that children and young trees offer of immortal life