I featured this Swedish summer cabin in 2009 but as it is such a gorgeous summer home that I would like to show it to you again! The cabin, located on one of the islands of the Stockholm archipelago, belongs to production designer, artist and interior decorator Carouschka Streijiffert. In summer Carouschka trades her busy world for a quiet life in her cabin.

Carouschka wasn’t impressed with the buildig when she first saw it, it was the island that she fell for. However she got permission to build on the island. The result is a main building, a studio and three smaller houses for storage and guest space. All buildings where designed, built and decorated by the artist herself with the help from carpenters from a neighbouring island. I wouldn’t mind spending my summer in this beautiful little place!


  1. That looks like the perfect place to relax in! The view of the lake is just splendid.

  2. oh no! wouldn’t mind at all!

  3. Oh my goodness, that big sprawling deck – LOVE!

  4. May I join you?

  5. This is so inspiring! Thanks for posting!

  6. What is up with the Swedes…they seem to get it so right so often. This place is fantastic on so many levels. It is designed but also somehow organic, it is urbane but also country, it allows you to feel part of nature but also seems to give you so much inside if you want to return to civilization.

    A very nice find.

  7. So many beautiful things here … so inspiring … so very inspiring !!

  8. Just simply love this! Spacious with beautiful elements. Would love to hop on to the different cabins, making food here, have a drink outside, sleeping there, and working or playing over there…great!

  9. What a sweet place; love that it’s so close to the water. Living on an island is a romantic notion, isn’t it?

  10. Looks amazing, love it!!

  11. great photos, great interior…

  12. I LOVE this house! *sigh*

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  14. But what kind of drive is to the city?

  15. I’ve never seen such house / cabin exterior in dark paint color before. But it looks quite promising and eye-popping.

  16. Stunning simplicity – perfect!

  17. Wonderful spot. Looks very tranquil and ideal to get away and unwind.

  18. Love it so much. Wonder if the punching bag is hers??

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