I have to deal with a lot of things at the moment (practically and emotionally) and I am also a bit under the weather. Whenever things are hectic I prefer calm colors even more than I normally do, hence this post in neutral tones. I do like different shades of whites, creams and grays combined together for a calm and elegant atmosphere. But if this is a bit to boring for you, you can also use these neutrals as a backdrop for brighter colored accessories and furniture pieces which will then become focal points.








(image source: 1. unknown, 2. Lauren Manoogian, 3. Dag&Nacht, 4. Orion Falls / Akihiro Nikaido / Baba Souk / Onszelf Wallpaper 5. Robyn Thompson, , 6. Ese, 7. Not Only White by Isabella Machinè, 8. Pure Love)

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  • I love this post on calming neutrals. I am striving for cal and peace in my surroundings and I love the finish on the platform bed. Do you know the type of wood or stain, finish it has? I see it all over and it is exactly what I am looking for however no one ever knows what it is.

    Thank you and may you find peace and serenity.

  • Nothing seems better than soft neutral shades to welcome the soothing season of spring. The ideas here are truly wonderful. I especially love the cane armchair that has a very regal look. Keep posting such great ideas.

  • I love nudes in a home, such a soothing and pretty colour scheme. I particularly love the Swedish Kakelugn in the first picture and the peacock chair. I’ve got a peacock chair in my home but it’s not quite as dramatic as this one!