I have to deal with a lot of things at the moment (practically and emotionally) and I am also a bit under the weather. Whenever things are hectic I prefer calm colors even more than I normally do, hence this post in neutral tones. I do like different shades of whites, creams and grays combined together for a calm and elegant atmosphere. But if this is a bit to boring for you, you can also use these neutrals as a backdrop for brighter colored accessories and furniture pieces which will then become focal points.








(image source: 1. unknown, 2. Lauren Manoogian, 3. Dag&Nacht, 4. Orion Falls / Akihiro Nikaido / Baba Souk / Onszelf Wallpaper 5. Robyn Thompson, , 6. Ese, 7. Not Only White by Isabella Machinè, 8. Pure Love)


  1. I wish you peace and comfort, whether through gentle colours or quiet moments.

  2. I love this post on calming neutrals. I am striving for cal and peace in my surroundings and I love the finish on the platform bed. Do you know the type of wood or stain, finish it has? I see it all over and it is exactly what I am looking for however no one ever knows what it is.

    Thank you and may you find peace and serenity.

  3. Nothing seems better than soft neutral shades to welcome the soothing season of spring. The ideas here are truly wonderful. I especially love the cane armchair that has a very regal look. Keep posting such great ideas.

  4. Lovely color palette! I love all neutral rooms where different textures and shades are used đŸ™‚

  5. I love nudes in a home, such a soothing and pretty colour scheme. I particularly love the Swedish Kakelugn in the first picture and the peacock chair. I’ve got a peacock chair in my home but it’s not quite as dramatic as this one!

  6. Even if i like the colors above all, this post is so beautiful and peaceful! Thanks!

  7. Just got some ideas about how am i going to decorate my home! Truly elegant, well done!

  8. Where can I get one of these cream oversized cardigan/jackets?!!!
    I am in LOVE!

  9. Does anyone know where I can buy the clutch/wallet in the last picture? Thank you!

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