sheep skin rugs


Sheepskin rugs are perfect for creating a cosy winter style home. Mix them with white walls, wood, cow hide rugs and industrial elements for a Scandinavian style decor. Sheepskin rugs are widely available at for example IKEA. But check out specialty stores for a wider choice. Recently openend online store Just Another Shop has some beautiful rugs in their collection (shipping outside The Netherlands is available).



winter whites




(image source: 1. Joachim Wichmann, 2. Heidi Lerkenfeldt, 3. Stil Inspiration, 4. Caisa K., 5. My Scandinavian Home, 6. Nostalgi, 7. Inger Johanna, 8. Anna Kern via Skona Hem)

8 Responses to sheep skin rugs

  1. Mongolian lamb! It is certainly more than a normal sheepskin, but my goodness it is beautiful.

  2. for the winter season if with good accessories look good

  3. I love these and really want at least one. Does anyone know anything about the ethical side though. I would like to buy from a supplier who treats the sheep well, the sheep are slaughtered in the most humane way possible etc…

  4. I like these a lot too! Every time I go to ikea I think of getting one, although my favorite would be a grey one from Gotland. I have the same concern as Sarah though, and this is the reason I don’t own one yet…how is this different than wearing fur?

  5. you love your animals, right? you love your cute little deer, and cute little hedgehogs. so why would you showcase dead animal skins and furs thrown all over these houses? not cool, people.

  6. Animals deserve to live just like people and should have rights just like people. Anyone that kills animals for pleasure should be put in prison. They are sociopaths.

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